This time you  have the  chance to profit from the originals as well as from the cheap bootlegs.

Designing an unisex component assembling system and its various elements

For the  customer who prefer working with advertising and brands. it has turned out to be  more efficient to promote a component system with a trademark, than to promote just an unknown brand .The cliché of very much moody extravagant nothing with just a little something is by now overused and has become no longer worth to believe in.

On the other hand today's average consumer likes to play around with something. and also shows more tendency to creativity and feels more attached to a self composed unique piece

Well conscious about this I have been working on such systems since almost 12 years. And offer this here for the first time.

This line urgently needs protection .as it has none jet ,details can’t be shown. It is hot by now, and it is for sale.

To contact us: mail to :

Still flying under radar

More such ,but very different system are available ,and some are  still under construction.

ST-tic “Sophisticated Technology for telephones & integrated circuits” is a provisional project brand name of a conception and production facility for hand phone bodies made out of natural materials ( coconut ,shell, wood, etc.) based on an ornamented  precious metal framework .– with high end finishing and aesthetic  perfection.           “not just Diamonds “- The concept offer a whole range of advantages for “high profile marketing strategy” orientated companies.


for jewelry and small Items


We have just  ordered  Patent Research  and  a design patent and various “ Musterschutz “. For the puzzle-rings with different kinds of jig-saw pattern.  As designed by U.Westphal   in June  2009 and as you can see it here by example :

As so I publish it herewith  to  claim and insure my rights  to produce  this  items  and to issue copy rights licenses etc..

This SEGMA GS-series is just one concept of 121 others .

We are also claiming all  rights and starting the production of  : “Segma one “an inside  curved ergonomic ring rail allowing  to exchange  removable skids

As shown on the sketch  below  :